About Us

Journey of Origin Crafts and Apparel began with a lot of enthusiasm with the hope to improve the quality of livelihood of Artisans in Bangladesh. This platform is aimed at promoting the authentic, creative hand loom products by the Artisans (mainly concentrated in North Bengal) in the global market. Specially with the jute and cotton thread products, the hand loom technique has been handed down from generation to generation in the Artisan family. Although it’s most common for women, men also weave in this way. They have perfected their own technique and designs that are both unique and beautiful.These Artisans' day to day activities revolve around their inspiration to weave dreams in their own household patio. They create each weaving with great care, dedication, and creativity. Because with each thread, they are weaving a better future for their children, and we made a promise to send their dreams all over the world.

Our Vendors
In order to provide floor rugs of remarkable quality, the company has undergone partnership with reliable rug manufacturers and other sources. All the vendors associated are backed by all the facilities, from sound manufacturing unit to distribution channel, required to execute business activities in a seamless manner.

Warehouse Unit
The company is backed by a sound warehouse unit which is spacious enough to accommodate rugs in large quantity, which further fosters completion of immediate demands.

Why Us
  • Association with reliable entities
  • Backed by sound storage facilities
  • Capabilities to meet urgent bulk demands
  • Transparent business activities